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Website Design

Websites with purpose: Websites shouldn’t just be something pretty to look at - they have a greater purpose. Whether it’s to increase your leads, brand awareness, sales, or to help educate your clients, we ensure that your website will exceed your goals and expectations.

Mobile first design: With mobile phones and tablets now accounting for more than half of all Google searches, having an out-dated website that doesn’t function properly on these devices can be very damaging to your business. A responsive website is no longer optional. It is best practise, and our websites are designed with mobile first in mind.

Function and Form: First and foremost you’re website must perform. It must be easy for visitors to find the information they seek and provide answers to their questions. Form is also important but is more subjective. As part of our full management service we will analyse user traffic within your website and suggest ways to improve the user experience on a regular basis.

Review and rework: Your internet presence is an evolving and organic entity. As part of our full management service we regularly monitor traffic to your website and offer suggestions to improve design and layout for a better user experience.

Website Development

Our websites come pre-loaded with many modules that will fill most of your requirements ‘out of the box’. We do offer bespoke programming work if required, but aim to use existing modules that are well-supported by the international web community, allowing for quick deployment and giving our clients peace of mind that they’re not locked into an expensive, proprietary platform.

Standard modules include a form builder that allows multiple forms to be displayed on your website with different functionality from a basic contact form to a multipage survey and more.

We can also offer a range of shopping cart modules to take your website into the realm of e-Commerce. We will discuss your requirements and recommend the most appropriate cart for your needs.

Website Hosting

We prefer to host the website we manage, but we can manage your website with your chosen host if you prefer. Our hosting service is constantly monitored to ensure our clients websites are operating at their best and best practise security is implemented at the hosting layer. Our hosting is included in our full web management service.

Website Management

All our client websites are built on a best in class Content Management System which you will have administrator access to. This enables you to update your website content as and when you need to. Or, if you prefer we can upload the updates for you. The choice is yours.

Modern websites, built on Content Management Systems are server based applications, and as such they are required to be keep up to date as new features or security patches are released. The same is goes for the modules we use as part of your websites feature set. These updates are manged by us as part of our full website management service.


Martyn Cook: Director of Solutions Online NZ LtdIn 2000 I formalised my skills and knowledge through a short sharp series of courses. I gained the following industry certifications; MCSE (Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer), MCP+I (Microsoft Certified Professional + Internet), Certified Web Designer, and Certified Internet Business Strategist (Note: I was looking at Internet Marketing before it was 'a thing'!).

Since then I have built hundreds of websites; from the early days of frames, and fixed width sites built with hand coded html to the modern web application. You have the opportunity to benefit from my formal training and years of industry experience.

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Don't commit thousands!!

Don't commit thousands!!


Develop and market your website without the massive up-front costs!

* We will:
  • develop and market your internet presence for a regular monthly fee.
  • continue to keep your website up-to-date and secure as required.
  • provide regular reports on the results progress of your internet marketing efforts.

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Develop and market your website without the massive up-front costs!
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